Natural sunscreen in eco friendly packaging  

  natural products to protect and nourish your skin 

 Handcrafted in Santurce, Puerto Rico

  we are a local, eco friendly brand making products to protect and nourish your skin in recyclable  and reusable packaging.   

Keep it natural, keep it local, keep it Mother Flower!   




We use 100% Biodegradable and Compostable Bubble Mailers!


about me.

Over the last 10 years I've been learning about Permaculture and Medicinal Plants thanks to my inspiring teachers in Puerto Rico. 

Mother Flower is my way of expressing the lessons learned and the joy of working with plants and their medicinal powers and magic. The flowers were handpicked by us in the rich soil of Bulgaria.  The elaborated process is made and handcrafted in Santurce, Puerto Rico 

Please join me in this exciting lifelong journey of learning, experimenting and discovering with the plants and flowers and all they can offer us! 

Thanks for the support and hope I can give you dosis of health and joy.

Why choose a sunscreen that is

Reef friendly?

Scientific studies has proven that the toxic ingredients in commercial brand sunscreens are damaging the coral reefs.  Ingredients like Oxybenzone, Abovenzone, Octinoxate and fragrances has been linked to the bleaching of the reefs, making them loose vitality and life.  You can help protect them by using a sunscreen that uses only natural ingredients in a recyclable and reusable container.  Be part of the change.  Keep it natural, keep it local, keep it Mother Flower!



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